About Dr. Jill Bjerke

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About Dr. Jill Bjerke


Dr. Jill Bjerke has always had a passion for helping people in whatever way she can and that was the purpose behind founding her business, Cut the Clutter Co., in 2005.  As a health care professional she understands the myriad of details and stresses that people experience when transitioning from the home they have lived in so long to a smaller residence.  Cut the Clutter Co. was created for the purpose of providing one on one support and guidance in helping people successfully navigate this often overwhelming experience.  But so many clients expressed a desire to remain in their homes as they aged that she decided to become a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) and is now a nationally-recognized expert in this field.


As a CAPS, Dr. Bjerke‚Äôs focus became finding ways to create a safe and secure environment for those who wanted to remain in their homes as they grew older, but needed to make changes to do so.  In 2009 she created her own checklist that she used with clients in garnering background health, financial and other issues related to aging in place decisions.  As this checklist became more detailed and sophisticated, it made sense to turn it into a mobile application that everyone could use, whether they are the homeowner, family, caregiver or a professional who works with seniors. Since 2009 when the App creation began, she has received contributions and reviews of it by occupational and physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, kitchen/bath designers, remodeling/construction contractors, aging research specialists and a whole host of professionals willing to share their expertise and knowledge in designing the most user-friendly, comprehensive aging-in-place mobile app available.  She continues to explore new ideas and methods that can continually be incorporated into the exploration and planning that we all need to do to remain in the homes we love as we grow older.



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