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Silver Spaces™ Features

Silver Spaces™ is an assessment tool designed for evaluating the safety and security of the home as we age. Individuals and professionals can use the Silver Spaces™ app to take advantage of the following robust features:


  • A Resident Questionnaire is included which can be used for taking the homeowner’s health, social, transportation and financial matters into consideration.
  • The user can effortlessly complete a checklist of answers to questions for each room within the assessment.
  • Easily view Silver Spaces’ tips about each room in the home and the reasoning behind each question.
  • You can perform an assessment of just one room or an entire home (interior and exterior) including areas such as bathroom, kitchen, living room, porch, garage, walkways, etc.
  • The user can upload photo and enter notes “on the fly”
  • Silver Spaces allows you to View, Edit, Delete and Share your assessments
  • Professionals can create home assessment reports for multiple homeowners
  • Professionals can also customize the report to include or hide business information, logo or photos in the MY INFO section
  • You can email or print your assessment via a wireless printer. The assessment is neatly formatted and produced as a PDF for access on computers and mobile devices


Silver Spaces™ is the one app you will need for an aging in place home assessment.


Please note that all content is Silver Spaces™ copyrighted. High level analytics are gathered within the app to measure traffic and app usage.

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